Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pink cheetah print

Hi everyone! Today for pink Wednesday I did a black cheetah print over pink.

I used Konad plate m57 and L.A colors black velvet and a color craze shade of pink I forgot the name of unfortunately. The color craze line only has the names of the polishes on the packaging and not the bottle so now I write the names on the lid of the bottle in sharpie.
Happy painting!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pink monarch mani

I've been seeing monarch Mani's all over the Internet and thought it would be a perfect pink Wednesday project.
I used L.A colors fuel and black velvet for the wings and L.A colors art deco white for the spots.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mario brothers nails

As promised in my Pacman post I have Mario nails for you. I mixed stuff from the old and new games but most is from the old. Before I started painting I put a coat of clear polish so all the other polish would go on smoothly. For the clouds on my thumb I used an old eyeshadow applicator to get the spongy effect of the clouds.
For the mountains on my thumb I used L.A color craze current ,and L.A colors black velvet for the eyes and outlines. The clouds are color workshop white, and the back ground for all the nails except the mushroom is pure ice french kiss.
I used pure ice free spirit for the grass on my pointer finger, and L.A colors wave length for the question box and starman. I also used color workshop white for the question mark.
For the mushroom I used color workshop cherry red and white. The face is Sally Hansen surely ivory. And last but not least the bullet was L.A colors black velvet and color workshop white. I mixed a little of those two for the gray groove on the end of the bullet. Once all my painting was finished I applied a coat of N.Y.C top coat.
I hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mr. and ms. pacman

Yesterday I did Pacman and his ghosts. And since today is pink Wednesday I did ms.pacman and pac pellets on the rest of my fingers. I'm going to do lots more video game related games this week. I'm planning on doing a mario design, and maybe a donkey kong one too.
I used L.A colors art deco yellow for both pacman bodies and the pac pellets. I used L.A colors black velvet for the eyes of the ghost's , Ms. pacman's eye and her beauty mark. And L.A art deco pink for ms. pacman's bow. I used a cherry red, teal blue , pink, and a orange for the ghosts bodies. And finally I used L.A colors art deco white for the whites of the ghost's eyes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

flip flops

I painted pink flip flops for today's pink wednesday. I used L.A colors black velvet for the thong and L.A colors coral for the pink. I used a detail brush for the black.
I've tried to paint flip flops before but they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.
But I really like the way they turned out this time.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I have had this pair of shoes for a while and wanted to do something to jazz them up.
A couple years ago I had a hedgehog named croquet and I've been seeing all sorts of cute pictures of hedgehogs lately. So I have been thinking up of ways to incorporate them into my crafts. I cut out a dark brown hedgehog shape and then a light brown head shape layered over it.
I hot glued the pieces onto the shoe and painted on the eyes.
And the nails were a day after I did the shoes. I painted a base coat of a dark brown and a light brown half circle for the head. I used a detail brush to paint on the eyes, nose, and spines. Part of the credit goes to a friend of mine for this design. I was trying to figure out how to fit a hedgehog onto my nail and she just sketched out this view of looking at the hedgehog head on. Thank you! I plan on making more hedgehog related things in the future.
I got a huge chunk of brown felt at a garage sale so I have lots of stuff to work with!

Happy fourth of july!!

Happy 4th of July!! I did a very patriotic design today. I did pure ice french kiss for the blue and a cherry red and white. I had some little star decals and they seemed to say "make me fireworks" so fireworks they are! And I put top coat over the whole thing. I have stars on the white nail too but since the stars and the nail are both white they didn't show up that well.
I have two designs that I've done over the week coming and some shoes I've revamped,
So stay tuned!