Sunday, February 20, 2011

panda nails

I saw a version of this on a manicure site and decided if I simplified it a bit it would be really cute. I used a little art brush to do the panda and I did a base of light green. It was very easy to do and I plan on doing it in lots of different colors.

lipstick octopus

Today I made something with two things that don't go together. I picked lipstick and a octopus. So I drew a octopus on my mirror and I used two shades of lipstick, one was the body the other was the eyes. And surprisingly it all came of very easily. I thought it would take a while to get it all off.

starburst nails

These are my star burst nails. I did a base coat of black and then I used a kitchen scrubby to blot on blue with yellow mixed in. And I did a coat of silver sparkles over it. I got the idea from a tutorial for some konad nails but I saw that half way through they had done the blotting I was talking about and I realized that would be gorgeous by itself! This has been on for a couple days so there's only a little wear on them.

mickey mouse butter

I had to make something temporary today and it was funny because a couple hours before I did this I was at the beach! I could of totally done something awesome in the sand but I totally forgot! So when I got home from the beach I made mickey in butter form. I used my fingers and a butter knife to form him. And then I ate him of course! :p

knittted pencil :)

This is my lovely little pencil! I used eye cord on dpns to make her. The black at the very end was kinda hard. I think this took me about ten minutes and I was making it up as I went along!
I'm thinking about knitting a little notebook to go with her. Or maybe a cover for a real notebook. This is one of my 365 projects. I had to make something with traditional school supplies but I decided to make the supplies themselves!